On WeedDasher you can shop products, make purchases and schedule same day delivery. Secure shopping and geo-targeted delivery makes WeedDasher the next app to download.

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WeedDasher is an app for the mobile generation. When you download Weed Dasher, you have local access to local dispensary inventory. You can shop, purchase and schedule delivery. Pick your delivery location and add it to your favorites. Like Home, Work, concert venues and more.


How To WeedDash:

  1. Download the app from Apple or Google
  2. Go to the “Sign Up” tab (it defaults to “Sign In”)
  3. Enter your info and set your password. Your phone number will be used to text you the status of your order as it moves though our system.
  4. Upload your State Driver’s License. This will be required to be verified against your actual license before the driver can complete delivery.
  5. Click “Sign Up”.

Now you can shop our products and schedule a same day delivery. Visit WeedDasher.com to learn more.

WeedDashA verb. To use WeedDasher.com to shop, purchase weed and have it delivered to you in a dash. “I’m gonna WeedDash me a K-puff to this show.”

WeedDasher Car